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VR Escape Rooms


Best VRs Escape Rooms in Baytown

Have you ever wanted to see a dragon up close? Well good news, because in Dragon Tower, you’re locked up and all set to be its next meal! And that’s just one of our VR escape rooms to immerse yourself and your bravest friends in! With tons of exciting puzzles and action, hours of fun, team-building moments, and Instagram-worthy snapshots, escape your daily life for a moment with our escape rooms!

  • 7 different escape room experiences with varying difficulties levels

  • Up to 4 players at a time  (min 2 players)

  • Great for Team Building, Events, Parties, or Walk-ins!

  • You have 45 mins to beat each experience!

Current Escape Room Experiences

Escape Room Gallery

FAQ of VR Escape Rooms

  • What is the size of the skating rink?
    Our Skating Rink is 10,000 SF of fun!
  • Can I rent out the entire skating area for a group or just have a skate party?
    Yes! Contact us for more details!

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