Laser Tag

Best Laser Tag in Baytown

Best Laser Tag in Baytown

Come and join us to battle your friends and foes in our 3000 SF  30 player Urban apocalypse themed Lazer Tag! Our arena has fog effects, black light, and sniper areas for that perfect hidden shot! Bring a team or go solo and take them all out! 

  • 3000 SF of action!

  • Up to 30 Players at one time!

  • Many different play modes!

  • Sniper Areas for Each team!

  • Full black light effect realistic props!

Types of Laser Tag games we offer

  • Team Game

  • Free For All

  • Search & Destroy

  • Team Stealth

  • Roller skating for Theme Night

  • Rabbit

  • Free For All Stealth

  • Capture the Flag

  • Zombies

  • and More!

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FAQ of laser tag

How large is the Lazer Tag Arena

Our Lazer Tag Area is 3000 SF with two elevated sniper areas per team.

What is the max amount of players that can play?

Our Lazer Tag Arena is capable of allowing up to 30 players.

How many different game types are there?

There is a total of 30 different games types that can be played in our arena.

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