Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Best Spin Zone Bumper Cars in Baytown

Best Spin Zone Bumper Cars in Baytown

We have upped the ante by adding a twist to the classic bumper cars.  Introducing SPIN ZONE bumper cars.  These bumper cars light up and spin you in a circle anytime someone bumps you!  Watch out!

  • 6 Spin Zone Bumper Cars!

  • Bumper Area full of music and special effects

  • Bumper Cars SPIN when you bump someone!

  • Bumper Cars available  with small kid ride along seats

Types of bumper cars we offer

  • Spin Zone Single

  • Spin Zone Double

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FAQ of bumper cars

What are the size restrictions for the Spin Zone Bumper Cars?

The Spin Zone Size Restrictions are: Minimum: 36" tall to Drive Min age to drive: 5 years old Max Weight is 350 LBS WITH BUDDY SEAT Max 50" to ride in buddy seat Min age is 3 years old Max weight is 65 lbs

What is "Spin Zone" Bumper Cars

These are bumper cars that "Spin" when bumped by someone else. The cars can also spin at random by the ride controller!

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